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Texas Real Estate Attorneys In Longview

The Lone Star State has unique real estate issues. With decades of experience, our real estate attorneys at Boon Calk Echols Coleman & Goolsby PLLC in Longview can help individuals and businesses with all their real estate legal concerns.

For a free consultation, please call us in Longview at 903-704-0592 or send us an email. Our real estate lawyers advise and represent clients throughout East and Northeast Texas.

How Our Real Estate Law Attorneys Can Help

Our real estate attorneys offer a unique set of skills and experience to real estate transactions. We help clients with the following matters:

  • Short sales
  • Property deeds
  • Loan modifications
  • Contract disputes
  • Foreclosure defense

We also help clients with all aspects of a real estate transaction, including the purchase and sale of a property. Real estate lawyers are licensed to prepare and review the documents and contracts for property sales.

Why Should You Hire A Real Estate Attorney?

While a real estate agent has access to standardized forms and agreements that are needed for a real estate transaction in Texas, a real estate lawyer can draft the necessary contracts and documents needed for specific situations. In addition, a licensed real estate attorney can give legal advice regarding all aspects of the purchase and sale of a property, whereas a real estate agent can only facilitate the sale. Most importantly, a real estate lawyer can help ensure that the title of a property is marketable and free of encumbrances. Whether you are looking to purchase your first home or you are looking to buy a rental property for your investment portfolio, our real estate attorneys can help you with all aspects of the transactions.

When Real Estate Conflicts Result In Litigation

As a full-service firm with that offers a wide array of legal services, including a complete range of business law practice areas and experienced litigation attorneys, Boon Calk Echols Coleman & Goolsby can also assist with commercial real estate transactions or when real estate matters turn contentious. We can help resolve real estate disputes regarding property lines or neighbor disagreements. A simple dispute can quickly escalate into litigation, but we can attempt to diffuse the situation through careful negotiation. Additionally, by bringing an attorney into your dispute, you can show that you are serious about getting it resolved fully.

Consult With A Real Estate Lawyer

At Boon Calk Echols Coleman & Goolsby, we offer a free initial consultation appointment. To schedule an appointment with a real estate attorney, please call our office in Longview at 903-704-0592 or send us an email. Our attorneys advise and represent individuals and businesses throughout East and Northeast Texas.