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Our Longview Estate Planning Attorneys Provide Trusted Guidance For Wealth Management

Navigating the complexities of estates, wills, trusts, and distribution of assets, as well as the succession of a business, can feel overwhelming. Boon Calk Echols Coleman & Goolsby PLLC was founded over 25 years ago, and our Longview estate planning and wealth management attorneys have extensive experience in all areas of estate planning, probate law and related litigation.

We will partner with you to create a comprehensive solution to meet all your personal estate planning needs in Texas, whether simple or complex, and help ensure that your family and the assets you have spent a lifetime building are protected today and in the future. Although many people do not consider estate planning because it is not a comfortable topic, it is a worthwhile investment for you and your family.

For a free consultation, please call us in Longview at 903-704-0592 or send us an email. Our estate planning and probate attorneys represent clients throughout East and Northeast Texas.

Our Estate Planning Services

When it comes to managing your wealth and preserving your assets for your heirs and future generations, there are a variety of estate planning tools that serve to protect your assets and estate while also minimizing tax consequences. Our experienced wealth management attorneys will assess your estate and create a strategy for you and your family, usually relying on a combination of the following options:

As experienced business law attorneys and litigators, we also have the knowledge and experience to create, analyze and utilize different corporate structures, like family limited partnerships or limited liability companies for your business, keeping an eye on succession planning in the process.

Medical Directives, Powers Of Attorney And Living Wills

Another important aspect of estate planning is to ensure that should you become incapacitated and unable to make decisions for yourself, your family knows and understands your wishes. We utilize the following estate planning tools to designate medical and financial decision-making power to the appropriate parties:

  • Conservatorships
  • Guardianships
  • Durable powers of attorney
  • Living wills and advance directives
  • Special needs trusts

Probate Administration And Estate Litigation

Finally, our team of experienced litigators is fully capable of managing the probate process and the administration of your estate. We are fully prepared to fight to protect your rights and interests should you need to challenge a will or should disputes arise with the administration of your own will. With decades of experience, our legal team at Boon Calk Echols Coleman & Goolsby is well-rounded in a wide range of legal services, and they use that knowledge to provide our clients with comprehensive guidance and support.

Please see our Texas Probate FAQ to learn more.

Do You Need An Estate Plan? Call Today For A Consultation.

Whether you need an estate plan, or you already have one and are looking to revise it, our wealth management lawyers at Boon Calk Echols Coleman & Goolsby PLLC can help make sure your assets and wealth are protected for generations to come. For a free initial consultation, please call our office in Longview at 903-704-0592 or send us an email. We are here to help.