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Commercial Transactions Related To Asset Sales, Mergers And Acquisitions

Achieving appropriate growth in a business is essential to the long-term success of your company. Sometimes, business entities have opportunities to sell, merge with, acquire or purchase the assets of another business. If that opportunity arises, our Longview-based legal team at Boon Calk Echols Coleman & Goolsby PLLC has an established reputation as a business law firm that serves clients throughout East and Northeast Texas. Our mergers and acquisitions attorneys have extensive experience with due diligence, asset sales and all the necessary components to a successful merger or acquisition.

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Business Growth Through Mergers And Acquisitions

A business that is ready to expand can do so through a merger with another corporation or by acquiring a new company. A merger or an acquisition can increase a company’s market share, expand the company’s product line and add to the existing workforce all with the ultimate goal of ultimately growing revenues. When two companies combine, due diligence is required to assess and identify the risks and extensive negotiations may be involved. In other cases, the transaction may involve a government entity acquiring an interest in the business, the combination of two subsidiaries or even a subsidiary merging with its parent company.

Some of these acquisitions are vertical acquisitions, where two companies in the same production process join to increase efficiency. Other acquisitions are horizontal acquisitions, which involve the buyout of a direct competitor either to reduce competition or acquire their unique assets. Our business law attorneys at Boon Calk Echols Coleman & Goolsby can help with every stage of a merger or acquisition.

What Is An Asset Sale?

An asset sale is when a company sells its individual assets and liabilities. When a company proceeds with an asset sale, its owners retain the legal entity and sometimes its cash and debt obligations. A business may decide to execute an asset sale for a number of reasons, including to mitigate risks, to open up cash flows, or as part of a liquidation requirement.

What Is The Best Course Of Action For Your Business?

Whether you are looking to expand or grow your business, or you are perhaps considering a downsize and looking for a buyer for your company or assets, our experienced business law attorneys can help you analyze your different options, create an appropriate strategy for growth and guide you through the process. Our business law attorneys have worked with all types of corporate entities and have experience with a range of corporate commercial and contract transactions, including the purchase and sale of a business.

Considering A Business Purchase Or Sale? Contact A Mergers And Acquisitions Attorney.

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